uMood Soundscapes – An Idea was Born


Date: 09/01/2023

The story of uMood Soundscapes bringing you the worlds most realistic soundscape app at your fingertips.

We Do Things Presents: On a late evening in December 2020, an idea was born…From struggling with insomnia and using youtube’s rain and wind videos to rest, I thought there must be a better way. If only there was an intuitive application where you can literally create your own soundscapes; Where you can select the type of rain, thunder or wind and the frequency of them. If only… and the seeds of uMood soundscapes were born.

Over the coming months I spent my spare time between web projects for We Do Things to work on this idea, doing research into why’s, hows and what’s. Asking people that struggle to sleep what is ideal for them. discussing features and also thinking about myself & what things I find annoying with the current solutions on the market.

The decision was made, this app I was building uMood Sounds would focus on these key areas to stand out from the rest and help those that sorely need it to rest.

“No two listenings will ever be the same, even with the same settings.”

“Your custom mood setting are 100% unique & sharable”

“Never ever get tired of your uMood Soundscapes no matter how many times you play them”

Dynamically timed sounds, the goal here is that so even if the user selects the same soundscape settings for their unique mood as a previous listen. Due to the fact the timers are dynamic within those settings, it would mean every listen the sounds would trigger at different times than the last.

Dynamically triggered sounds, very similar to how the timers will be set to run, within a users settings it will dynamically select which sounds are triggered each and every time, so every listen is not the same as the last.
Select your own mood template, a lot of the other application solutions just simply have a base sound you select to create your soundscape and loop that with your settings on top. With uMood Sounds the goal will be each and every mood template will play different automated sounds than the others. So no two moods with thunder or wind on will sound the same even with similar settings.
Share with your friends, most soundscape applications do not offer any features like this other than a general share the app. uMood Sounds will offer the ability to share your exact settings with other users and when they listen to your custom mood’s settings it will sound unique to yours, no two moods will be the same.

So now the requirements and research was conducted now was time for the fun part building the thing..!

View the in development alpha, 100% FREE to use here: